The journey…

Hey! I want to offer as many ressources, tips and tools as I can because what would be the point of finding solutions that really work for me but then, keeping them to myself..?

I believe it would be interesting to document and share my journey, step-by-step, with my struggles, the challenges, the pain and how I was and am able to overcome them. But not only limited to those. I am also sharing the joy, the happiness and the growth encountered along the way because my friends, if I am not enjoying the process, the finish line will be full of disappointment and sadness…

I am going to share all the obstacles, challenges, struggles but also the joy, the happiness and successes I have encountered and will face all along my journey hoping you can relate and/or find another perspective on how you can overcome your struggles and understand that happiness lies within the process and not the finish line.

Yes, that sounds cheesy but that’s really how he should be seeing life on a daily basis. Otherwise, we will always be chasing happiness and never reaching it.

As I already explained, I am going through a specific journey as I am overcoming depression, heavy addictions and starting my own business.

I will document as much as possible for you to have a complete overview. No, I am not an influencer! I don’t think I have any kind of power that pushes to tell you how you should live your life.

I am just a human being that has faced and keep on facing real struggles and pain, mainly mentally because I realised that I was not living the life I wished for myself as many, many of us.

Take what you need – it’s all for you

Navigate through out all the sub-categories within the “The Journey” section. I am and will be adding more and more stories, ressources and tools one by one in order to offer the best content I can produce.

I might come back to previously published articles to modify some parts, because well, I am not a writer not a journalist and after some times, I might find a better to express my thoughts 🙂 so keep on checking out new and old contents.


You are in control


You are in control

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