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Hey my friends, I am Jon, a 33 years old digital media consultant from France and wandering the world. A bit in India, in Nepal, in Mexico, a lot in France (obviously), 8 years in London and 1.5 years in Lisbon.

I love music, everywhere I go i have music in my ears, I love sport and really any kind, I love photography (not good at it but it pushes me to do better), I love to take care of the people I love and the great thing I understood not long ago, is that I love everyone now.

We all have our past, our own history and own stories. We have so much to learn from each other and since I profoundly got that we are all connected to create oneness, I just love you all. Explaining why I am doing this website and blog. Because I want to spread my experience, my understanding of life, the pain, the happiness, the struggles, the discipline and help as much of you as I possibly can to avoid making the same mistakes that I did. Hope you will enjoy.

Dear younger me

This is a subject a bit different than what I am use to write about but a few weeks ago, I have heard that sentence in a podcast I am listening to from time to time and it kind of resonated within me. I have written quite a lot about the mind set I am…


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You are in control


You are in control

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