You are in control

There’s always a way when you are committed

Commitment…something that has almost been forgotten in our modern world.

I prefer to warn you right now my friend, but not sure you’ll enjoy that read because I am going to be a bit more blunt than I use to and you could offended by some of my words. This is definitely not intended to, as usual, I am simply sharing some thoughts and experience.

I think we have lost the lost the definition of being committed to something. I don’t want to sound pessimistic on that one but most of my life I have seen people giving up because they don’t feel like it anymore, because there is something too hard that has to be done or on the opposite, something much easier along the way.

If we feel that way, it is mainly because we are not really committed so when comes the hard times, we just give in and look for something else, something easy we can start not requiring too much efforts. This is what happens at the gym. We see lots of new people coming in and sweating like pigs for few weeks, seeing some changes on their body but finally giving up because the “newbie’s” progresses have disappeared. Because it simply became hard and they forgot why they started.

Only the ones that have really committed themselves to building a new and totally different body will be there, pushing, pulling, sweating continuously.

Let’s take one of the biggest example: marriage. We commit to someone, to a relationship, to a partnership. We promise each other fidelity, in the good but also the hard times. But when things get difficult or even when there’s simply a routine going on, we feel like we can’t make more efforts or change the situation. And most of the time we cheat, we become resentful, angry, mean or we give in and divorce.

Nowadays, divorce became so common and worse, it became trendy. “See the new person that I am since a just I got my freedom back and left that piece of sh**. You should do the same it will change you”.

Don’t get me wrong, some relationships are just toxic, abusive and a break up is necessary. Necessary for many different reasons like for the sake of a mental stability, for peace, for security, etc.

I believe, if both parties were really committed, we could just avoid that. Because by being committed, we find solutions. We find ways to make things better, we become creative and think out-the-box instead of doing the things we have been programmed to do. “Oh it’s becoming difficult with my partner; I don’t think he or she is the one for me”. But do we look at where the problem comes from? No, most of the time, we just see the end result while if we tried to understand why our partner became that way or started doing those things we can’t stand anymore, we would surely pin the cause(s). But do we really want to do that? Because it would ultimately show something that WE did wrong and of course that the problem is coming from us.

If we were committed, we would do that analysis and then start an inner work to correct what was wrong or the thing we missed. But that’s already too much work and efforts for something, we believe, is already over.

If we were committed from the very beginning, the very first moment we meet that person, we could start building something strong, with solid foundations and this works for everything else. Business, sport, friendships, love, etc.

Yes, it will require lots of work. Yes, it will require lots of effort. Yes, it will require lots of patience but the more we are committed to something or someone, the lest efforts and work it will require over time because we would have built strong foundations.

When we really want something, therefore commit to it, we will start looking at it from different angles, with different perspectives.

Most of us prefer to say “yes, I’ll do that – don’t worry I’ll be there – I’ll get that thing ready on time” for being polite and not risk to say simply no. Because of what? Because we think that it will hurt the other person for saying no? If we truly think about it, it is taking that other person for a weak minded person because we think she or he won’t be able to handle it. It is just so bad to think that way. It is like lying. We think the other person won’t be strong enough to handle the truth. What a shameful way of thinking.

I have committed myself to curing and healing myself from drugs, from depression and living a healthy life. I have made a commitment to myself, to my body so I am doing my best every single day to honour that statement and remain dedicated to myself.

And you know what? I always find ways to push more, to do more. I become more and more creative with my lifestyle. I implement new things, give up on some others that I think to not serve or fit me, edit some that I believe can be improve, etc. It became like a game, and I fu***ng looooooove it!!

Oh yes, I still my weaknesses. I have a real sweet tooth and the other day I went to the cinema with my mum and totally destroyed a 500g candy pack. Usually I would have felt really bad for doing that but now, because I know I am committed to the gym, I know I will work out harder the next day…and that’s what I did. Result? I enjoyed a nice moment with my mum, treating myself with some childhood candies and pushed myself even more at the gym.

Fu** yeah!! I just realised by writing it how happy I am by being like that…!!! Yeah I’m a weirdo but that too I love it!!!

And to close this article, the best thing with commitment, we just need to do it once! Once committed, forever committed my friends.

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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