You are in control

The closer to your dream, the harder it will get

Yep I know, the title can sound confusing or even not understandable at first but this is all true.

At the beginning, everything is possible because everything is wide open in front of you. You can make so many choices and go in so many different directions.

The closer you are to your dream the harder it will get because there is more competition, more things to take into account, more things involved that you have to consider and also more complicated things will be so you can get better at your craft.

Hard to imagine? Let’s take an easy example: an amazing athlete like MBappé, Jordan, Zidane, Tyson, etc. When they started, they had that talent that made them exceptional. So much better than anyone else and that’s what made them visible. They were winning more than anyone else. Head hunter saw them. The more they were involved into their sport, the more they were facing people like them until they reached the top. When they reached the top, they were or are facing mostly athletes like them. At the beginning, it was easier because they were against people like us, good but not exceptional and the more they were reaching the top, the more they were facing strong oppositions, the better the competition was.

I am talking about this to show you that the more it becomes difficult, the less you should give up. The harder it gets, the closer you are from the top. It is a sign that you start to master your craft and that you should intensify your efforts.

The harder it gets, the more efforts you should put into your dreams, into your goals, into your projects.

Prepare yourself to it.

And the funny part is, that you never really know how close you are from the “finish line”, if there is any. Okay for sport, it’s quite different cause you know when you are the winner but for business, you never know. The next meeting, the next sale, the next partnership could be the ones that will skyrocket your business but if you give up just before, you will never know. You could be one step away from succeeding.

The more you care about what you do, the more you will find ways to reach your goals, to reach your destination. When you are really committed, your brain starts to be more inventive. It will bring you everything that you need on the things that you focus on.

Let’s take another simple example. It may sounds weird but I thought it would be funny to highlight my point that way. Let’s say you want to date that woman/man. You see him/her in the bus every day, on in the elevator at work, in this pub when you join your friends. You know something nice could happen between you two. You start focusing on how you could approach her/him. You are too shy to do it and you just don’t want to look like a drag or a player. You start imagining funny ways, an unconventional punchline. Your thoughts are focusing more and more on her/him and what you could be doing, because you really care. You care about not looking like an idiot, you care about starting dating her/him. You just really care about the possible outcomes.

At the beginning, it’s all easy. You just dream about talking to that person and the closer you get to actually engaging the conversation and asking her/him out, the harder it will get because it all become real. It’s not only a dream anymore. But if you want that dream to become reality, you have no other choice that becoming better at getting the conversation started and at flirting.

I know this example can sound weird but I was looking for something closer to a normal life than what Jordan or Tyson did. This example came to my mind because I am currently meeting an old friend who has some very big troubles to flirt. We were in a lovely restaurant the other day and he had a real crush on that beautiful woman. He was talking about here all night, missing most of what I was saying because he was just focused on her. I tried to motivate him to go present himself but he was just too scared. Then, when she left, he realised that this occasion will never present itself again and he was so disappointed in himself. He was managed by his own fears and the dream he made for himself, will remain a dream forever because he wasn’t capable to face that short hard time to introduce himself.

Now, the choice is yours my friend.

I totally understand that taking the decision to go after your dream is in fact really scary because if we fail, we are realising that we were not strong enough to create the life we always wanted for ourselves. I think that’s why most people prefers to say that their dream is just way too big for them, it was a dream they had when they were young and full of hopes but by growing up they realised life wasn’t meant to be that way. They also blame the society we are living in isn’t made for them to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. All that, are just massive fake excuses. Because having the guts to chase our dreams requires an incredible amount of courage and that’s where most of us fails. We are simply not courageous enough.

But until we don’t try, we can still blame our environment for not trying while if we try and fail, we might realise that we are much weaker than we wanted to admit. The funny thing is, it is totally the opposite. As most of us doesn’t find the courage you try, just by taking that first step, we are already showing a tremendous amount of bravery.

The other funny point is that once we have failed, we have just discovered one way that is not working. Only one. So, just keep in mind that there might be an incredible amount of ways that can lead to success.

Now my friend, you remain in your corner dreaming, or you take yourself out of your comfort zone and you increase the chances of succeeding, drastically, with every single step you take towards your goal knowing that it will get harder. Except of course, if your goals are too small, which in that case, you are not putting yourself into discomfort. You just remain within the things that are not really hard to do and get.

Dream big, dream high and take actions, you beautiful soul. Your future is yours and only yours so write your own script

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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