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Clear vision means simplicity

Another interesting subject to talk about. Simplicity means clear vision.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius. It is something that he has said about 2,500 years ago and still absolutely on point to this day. This means, human beings are still facing the same struggles today than thousands years ago.

I wanted to highlight that because I can hear a lot that life is much more complicated today than it was before because we have so much things to take into consideration but this quote really shows that each time period has its own complications.

We always think everything is complicated. Create our own business, raise our children, being a good husband or wife, being fit, plan for the future, enjoy life, have a career, etc.

I believe those things becomes complicated or at least seem complicated because we never have a clear vision. A clear vision on where we want to go, on how we want things to become. Too often, we are like “oh, we will see and we will adapt” but how can we make things simple if we have absolutely no vision how what we want? And most of the time, we have no clue about what we want. We are afraid to make plans because we know that most of the time it does not go as planned and we just don’t want to be disappointed. So, we just don’t make any plan and we are just moving forwards on a blurry path.

When we know what we want, we start to have that clear vision and once we have that clear vision, things start to become simple. It is not a magic formula; it is just the mind becoming calmer because it can finally see a clear path. It may be the wrong path or maybe we’ll have to take some different roads along that path because we can’t have all the answers, but at least, having that vision, will make things clearer.

I could take few examples from my experience that could resonate to you.

Let’s start with an easy one. A very large majority of us have a job and working with a manager. If that manager does not communicate properly on the objectives and where he/she would like to take the team to, all the team members will feel lost and not motivated because there is no clear vision. Which, ultimately, will make things difficult. The harder it gets; the worst the team is. There is no more cooperation, no more collaboration and gossips start to rise. People starts to say bad things about the manager, about the company, about their job and that is the beginning of the end. If the team does not have faith into their manager, he/she will lose all respect and legitimacy and from there, there is not much to do to get that back. The main job of the manager to take his/her team forward, to aim higher, is to create a clear vision. A clear vision about the daily tasks, a clear vision about the objectives and a clear vision about the evolution.

Another example I could use here, which is a lot more personal, but that can help you to reach your dream, is about I have in mind for myself in the future.

I have to be frank. I have never had any vision of myself in the future. I didn’t really know where I wanted to go, who I wanted to become, mainly because I have been following the plan made for every single of us, most of my life. You know, studying, going into higher education getting that Master degree, jumping into the working life, getting married, having 2.3 kids, a dog or a cat, paying my mortgage, allowing myself 2 weeks of holidays and retiring around 65-70 and enjoying about 10 years of rest if I am lucky. Fortunately for me, I realised this wasn’t for me a few years after my graduation and before getting married. Oh, don’t worry, it was really hard to realise and I fell into a heavy depression because I realised that I absolutely didn’t know what I wanted for myself. It took me years to bounce back and I believe I have finally found the answer.

And now, I am developing a clear vision of what I really want. Seeing myself already there. Getting what I really want. Oh yes, there is still a very long road ahead but, at least now, I have that clear vision and the further I think about it and move forward, the clearer it becomes. Of course I have doubts about it, of course it sounds like a lot of work but I can really see myself being so happy and satisfied there that I just can’t stop. I have to go after it.

To give you a little view on what I imagine for myself, about my vision. I see myself in about 10 years, with something like a ranch outside the city, in a sunny and foreign country (so not France as I am from there), growing all my food on side, having like a barn/storage building where I would have my own gym as this became one of my passion and where I would train people who really want to do the work to get the body they want but don’t feel confident enough to train in a gym with people around so I would coach them, to get in shape and to feel great about themselves so one day, they could just do it by themselves. Giving that little push they need. With my own garden I could be teaching them how to do the same and how to have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. They is so much I could do with that and I really see myself there. I would both do good for myself and do good for the community. For me, that is just dreamy. This is now my vision and my path becomes simple because I know what I have to do to get there.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t that vison of yourself now, it is never too late to start creating one. Never believe it is already too late for you. We can see people all around the world changing their entire life for the better and from so different age ranges. I have seen so many stories and those people were like 40, 50, 60. It is absolutely never too late.

It really took me some time to know what I wanted, what I truly wanted and being honest I am not even sure what I believe to be true now, will still be in a year time. At least, I have that dream in mind which helped me to develop that clear vision and that vision is making my life so much simpler right now that I can just take advantage of the peacefulness.

To start, you will have to ask yourself the right questions. What do I really like in life? What are the things that I am really good at? What are the things that could spend hours and hours every single day for decades without feeling the time flies? What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Make your life simple

My friend, start building the foundations of yourself in 10 years, right now. You will never be grateful enough towards your today self for taking that first step. Believe me.

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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