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J.B. Peterson – if you can’t tell the truth, at least don’t lie. Easy and magic!

Yep I know, I am quoting him quite often but what can I say, he is just amazing and I can just admit that he is now a major part of setting my life straight.

I am listening to him almost every day, if not every day, and he is helping me so much (without even knowing it not myself) and so much people around the world, that I feel like it is my duty to spread the word.

He is talking about many, many subjects on a very wide range of topics but for now, I quite focus on eye opening ones that helps me to get my life better.

As I explained several times in previous posts, I have been a heavy drug user almost my entire life (from 13 to 32 and I am now 33), which obviously led me to be a pathological liar. This really destroyed a major part of who I was and am. And rebuilding everything is a real hard work.

I was lying about so much stuff. Those little daily lies most of us use all the time, adding all the lies to cover my drug consumption, which include the direct use but also about the money, plus the lies to cover also all the sh** that was happening in my life because of my drug abuse and that I didn’t want my surroundings to know about. Like why I didn’t stay in that great job, why I lost my first business, why my life partner left me… my life was just a big lie, from top to bottom.

I fully became that alter ego I created for myself when I was a teenager to be able to face life. The worst in all that is that with time, I didn’t know who was who. I had a little life/mind crisis few months ago when I realised I didn’t even have an aim anymore. I healed myself from my addictions but what next? I had a real mystic experience (which I will probably talk about in a few months, not sure I am ready to talk about it yet and if my readers are ready as well) and this led me to ask myself even deeper questions than what I have been doing during the past year. The one that truly terrified me was who am I really? The answer was just horrifying. I realised I was more my alter ego than myself. That character I created for myself was more, me, than I was.

So, to come back to what Jordan Peterson said about if you can’t tell the truth, at least don’t lie. Just try it for a week, a month, a year and see what changed. It is one of the simplest thing but is literally life changing.

I had started doing that step by step, before hearing Mr Peterson, but since I heard him saying that, I told myself that this is what I am going to do all the time and now I have that little inner voice tell me “nope, you know it is not true, don’t say that”. I can’t really recall when I started, I’d say about 3 months ago.

I don’t know if this is because I know I can’t lie anymore so I have to do the things (so I don’t have to lie or look like an idiot by telling the truth) or if there is something more mystical about it, but I can feel that something changed around me and in me.

The relationships I am developing with others feel more authentic, from both parties. I feel like I can connect with much better and with much more people. Even with my family, it feels like things are flowing. Oh don’t get me wrong, it is still very hard sometimes, especially with my dad. You know, the eternal conflicts between dad and son but now, it is less affecting me. I spend much less energy to fight, which ultimately, I use for myself to be a better self. At some point, he will be proud of me because he will see that I am proud of myself.

I feel less scared by the world. I feel like I can be facing much more things and come out winning. I still feel scared to do some stuff, like I have an idea of business I could be doing. Starting on my own, with the little money saved with a great potential of ROI and expansion. But I still didn’t take that first step. Well, now instead of seeing all the obstacles as a no-go, my mind changed and I start to see solutions. And if I fail, I feel like I will be able to get back up much easier, much faster and much stronger.

I understand all that can seem like very cheesy, but this is exactly how I feel.

I am not corrupting my own perception of the world, of my world and everything seems much brighter.

Because I was lying most of the time before, I just corrupted my own self by believing my own lies and at some point, I didn’t even know who I was, therefore, didn’t know about my own potential and what I could be capable to accomplish. That’s why I was seeing all the obstacles and hard work as something impossible.

Telling the truth is giving me faith into myself. There is still a long way to go, but seeing how my mind and world changed in just a matter of months, I can’t even imagine what it will be like in 1 year, 5 years or 20 years.

I am not just talking about telling the truth about the big things, but also about all the small things we are so used to lie about. Saying we are eating healthy while we are having junk food too often. Saying we are exercising regularly while we went only twice at the gym for only 30min each. Saying we have done some extra time at work while we just have been having a coffee with colleagues. Saying we are sick to not join some friends or family while we are just being a lazy potato in the sofa binge watching Netflix.

Just tell the truth. By lying, you are just adding more weights onto your shoulder and corrupting your soul.

Few months ago, I had that strange idea that by lying, we are making our soul more and more dirty, uglier. Not just metaphorically, but literally. I see my soul as all bright and shiny and more I lie, it becomes greener like those old zombie movies, full of holes and webs. Exactly like the genie in the original Aladdin cartoon when they meet in the cave and he explains that that he can’t resuscitate dead people. You know, he becomes all green and disgusting. Well, this is exactly how I imagine this happening.

I think having that in mind, really helps me and could also help you to avoid lying.

I also believe that by being an all truth person will attract the same kind of people around me. Imagine, being surrounded by only people like that. That would just be dreamy my friend. Oh, you can call me utopian, idealist, dreamer or whatever makes you feel better but this is exactly what I want for myself.

So, my friend, I couldn’t push you enough to try that and see what happens. I would be very happy to read some comments of the ones who tried, are trying, and know what happened in their life.

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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