You are in control

Push your mind into discomfort

Ooooh here is a subject I really like and really hate. Yes my friends, I am a very complex being but once I’ll have explained you why I think that way, I am sure you’ll be as weird as I am 😀

All my life, I have been told to do what I like to be comfortable mixed with what I don’t like but should be done, just has to be done. Like all the chores, going to school, etc. It was so paradoxical.

When I tried to really understand what all this means, I got that I should be choosing a professional path as young as possible to have a good job and all the rest of life is just obligations that we have no other choice than doing. Because that’s how life is… That’s what I now call, programming!

How can you know that young what you want to do for the rest of your life? We don’t know anything about the world, about life. We don’t even know anything about growing up and being an adult… I am 33 and I am barely started to know the person that I am and what I really want to do and become.

Anyway, let’s come back to the “do what you like to be comfortable”. I have heard and seen that everywhere. Having a great home with all the equipment to be comfortable. Having a comfortable car. A comfortable relationship. Even in business I have taken part to very deep tests to understand where was my zone of comfort so I can remain in it and thrive. And I have believed that for a very long time…until…I decided I had to get out of my depression addiction.

Oh, it was a very long ahead of me but because I couldn’t stand being the person I was, I was uncomfortable with who I was this when I found the strengths within. When I started to get my head out of the water and see the light, I understood that all the time I spent into darkness was making me stronger, making me tougher.

Elon Musk said not long ago, that we wanted to give up on all the luxury he has been accumulating and come back to a basic lifestyle because comfort has corrupted him. He wasn’t as hungry as he was before.

I totally understand why we all pursue comfort, because it’s nice, it makes us feel good, makes us feel happy but because of that, we never grow, we never improve.

Dr. Jordan Peterson explains this in a very beautiful way that I now believe being true. He says that we have unlimited potential encoded in our genes. Left behind by our ancestors and to unlock that potential, to activate those genes, we have to seek discomfort so we have no other choice than to adapt and learn. If we are always into comfort, we are satisfied with what we have so why do we want to change that? While being uncomfortable, we have only one logical choice ahead…adapt and learn. That’s when those genes switch on and let you be another you. An improved you.

Go into the unknown, what you already know, you already know. In order to get better, you have to go into the unknown, make yourself uncomfortable to push yourself to learn.

To make new friends, to have to go towards people you don’t know and that is really uncomfortable but this is how it works. Learn how to listen more and maybe stop always putting yourself in the spotlight. Be more flexible to what others want to do.

To get that promotion, you have to get better at what you do and for that you have to learn more, do things you have never have done before. Check out how you could improve your speeches, create a more vibrating presentation, staying a bit later because you want to make sure that the client will really love what you are offering.

To make your relationship better, you have to offer your partner things you have never offered before. I am not talking about gifts (even if that can work for some) but about doing new things that she or he would be interested in. It could be anything. Like planning an entire trip abroad in a country she/he always wanted to visit. Take the initiative. Could be preparing a lovely pique-nique outside. You cook everything, get a nice sheet to put on the grass, a nice basket like in those romantic movies, find a beautiful place with a view and some intimacy. Bring some music with a playlist she/he will fully enjoy. Mae some efforts.

I could keep on giving more and more examples like those but I am sure you got what I mean.

Remaining into comfort will eventually put you into discomfort because you stay the same while pushing yourself into discomfort with ultimately give you more and more comfort because you get used to it.

Paradoxical, doesn’t it? But so true.

I used to be really uncomfortable being alone, but now I love it. I was always scared to be put aside, not being in a group and I became a people pleaser. I would do anything to be part of a clan, of a crew. What a waste of time.

Thanks to my depression and what I have learnt to get out of it, I spent lots of time alone. Talking to myself, talking to the universe, to the higher consciousness, to god and I started to receive answers. Some were nice and encouraging, others were very painful and troubling. But every single of these answers made me grow and ultimately feel much better. So now I deeply enjoy being by myself.

The discomfort I used to have has been transformed into comfort because I got used to it and find a real sense to it.

One really important thing to always have in mind when doing that: enjoy the process my friends and do not think you will find happiness at the finish line. Happiness is all along the way. The finish line is just a bonus.


Do not hesitate to comment to tell me how you get yourself out of your confort zone. The why, the what, the how and the results. I love learning from others and I deeply believe in the collective intelligence 🙂

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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