You are in control

You are enough…but what does it really mean and what should you do with it?

Ola ola amigas y amigos ! (Yeah that’s pretty much about it for Spanish but a round of applause would be much appreciated :P)

This subject is a bit delicate. We must believe that we are enough to not feel diminished by anyone but if we want to accomplish everything we want to do, we must improve ourselves.

I have heard a lot those last months that we are enough, that I am enough. That for sure helped me feeling better about myself, especially when I was feeling down, and I mean really down. But the better I was feeling and getting out of depression, the more I had and still have to work on myself. Realising that I wasn’t enough. Not the “not enough” I can’t do it, but the “not enough” I have to improve myself if I want to reach my goals, accomplish my dreams and get the life I want.

So, in other terms, we are enough and shouldn’t let others or ourselves say that we can’t do that or that to finally, raise our standards to get what we want.

This means that we are enough to accomplish anything if we provide ourselves with the means to do those things.

We just have everything we will ever need within ourselves. As simple as that.

Connect with like minded people

You want to become a businessman/woman, then start learning how to become one: negotiation, partnership, marketing, corporate finance, supply chain, etc. If you have an idea of business you could develop but you feel so far from doing anything, then find someone in the same industry and ask to start working in their company. Ask that person to be your mentor. I know it sounds a bit of stretch but what do you have to lose by trying? Or maybe find someone who could have the competences and looking for his/her next challenge and create a partnership as business partner.

You want to get fit, then start by changing your bad eating habits and start exercising. Check out all the free online contents and see how millions of people have done it. Literally millions of people have reshaped their bodies, so why can’t you?

You want to become an investor, then start investing and taking risks. There is never any reward without taking some risk. There are tons of free online materials to learn from and so much ways to invest. Real estate, stock exchange, sport cards, sneakers, crypto, art, antiquities, etc. Maybe choose a market where you already have some affinities with and start learning from the best.

You are just enough to do and accomplish anything.

Never let yourself or anyone else convince you otherwise.

I have been downgrading myself for years and years. With the drugs I was using, I was feeling sh** when under the influence because I recalled myself I was a junky and then when I was not using, I felt terrible for taking some the day before. So I would go buy again to forget and here we go again. I was such in a horrible place in my head, every single second I was breathing, I only had horrible thoughts about myself.

“I will never do anything else of my life. I will end up dead or in jail. I will end up being a pariah, all alone still wishing the next line would finally allow me to step in the other realm. I am just a junky, corrupted to my bone, to my core and will only make people around me suffer.”

But when I started getting onto my feet, creating my own virtuous environment and understanding I was simply enough to be the person I aspire to be, I realised I have so much to offer to this world.

Make one with the light

And my friend, you are too!! You are enough and I can assure you that you have a lot to offer to this world. The world needs your light, needs your wisdom you acquire from your pain and suffering, needs your own perspective of life.

Raise your standards. Stop settling in for the basics. Stop telling yourself that this or that is enough because you don’t deserve more. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!

Scare to lose that friend while he or she isn’t being very nice towards you from time to time? RAISE YOUR STANDARDS because YOU ARE ENOUGH for better friends! Just give yourself some credit and provide yourself the means to find better friends.

Scare to quit that job while you are feeling miserable when going to work? RAISE YOUR STANDARDS because YOU ARE ENOUGH for a better job! Just give yourself some credit and provide yourself the means to find a better show how talented you are.

My friends, YOU, ARE, ENOUGH! You can become anything you want. Like many of my other posts and pages, I am asking you to take that first step and your future self will never be grateful enough toward your now self for taking that decision.

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

Follow the light

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