You are in control

Stop procrastinating!!

Your brain is wired in a way to keep you safe, to keep into comfort and if you let it talk to yourself after hesitating, it’s done. You won’t be doing what you wanted to do.

You have a very short window to move your butt. For a very big majority of us, you only have between 5 to 30 seconds to take action for everything you want to do before your brain sends you all the signals into your mind to stop you from doing. This is the Excuses Rush 😉

And it is the same for everything. From taking the garbage out, to cook yourself something healthy, going to the gym, up to quitting your job and starting your own business. It literally works the exact same way for everything.

So, when you really want something, you have less than 5 seconds to take actions. Only think about that thing until you are doing it. Once you are doing, you will feel so great and happy for doing and not procrastinating that it will keep on going.

I can quote my own article on “Build your own life library” when I explain that I used to put Gym Motivational Speeches to push myself working out when I didn’t feel like it. It takes some time to prepare yourself for exercising. Prepare you bag, dress up, going to the gym or the place your work out, etc. That is a lot more than 5 to 30 seconds and those speeches just helped me focus on what I wanted to do.

Now it became discipline because I have a real goal in mind but before that, procrastination was a massive part of my life, especially for working out while I always wanted to look fit.

Find ways to push yourself, to get you out of procrastination.

Every time you tell yourself “oh not now, I’ll do that later” then tell yourself “no, not that time. I’m doing it now”. Oh I am not saying it will work like magic and suddenly you are not procrastinating but by training your mind, your brain and yourself to think that way, you will become a doer.

It worked and still work very well for me to this day, so why not you?

Another thing that works well, is thinking about the good I will feel once I have done my thing. When you tell yourself you don’t feel like doing it now, just imagine the feeling you’ll have after doing it. It always pushes me to take action.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I still procrastinate sometimes. I am human, you are human and we can be tired, or a sad, or angry and some stuff can’t get done just in few minutes. But train yourself to do the most you can do now.

I have heard a funny and good way to see it this morning. Again, during my morning “walk and run”, listening to some motivational speakers and he said that a woman told him during a conference that she is always procrastinating and he replied that he just doesn’t believe in that, “concept” at all and asked a simple question: “if I ask you to join me at 5am tomorrow to get 3 million dollars, what would you do?” She obviously answered that she would be there at 4.59am. So he said that she won’t procrastinate because she cares. Simply, pushing things later on means we just don’t care.

So, if we care about everything we do, we would simply eliminate procrastination from our life.

Start caring about everything you do. Start seeing the good in everything you undertake, the why doing it and you will stop procrastinating.

How, you ask? You can’t care about all the little things…like taking the trash out? Cleaning your home? Joining friends when it’s raining outside? Going for a run when it’s cold? Etc..?


Taking the trash out would avoid any bad smell in the house and your partner to yell at you because you didn’t do it. You avoid an argument and your place smell nice J

Cleaning your home? Because you can receive friends without feeling sh** that they might think it’s dirty. You will also have a tidy environment around you at all time and I strongly believe a tidy outside helps feeling…well “tidy” on the inside. And again, you could avoid an argument with your partner 😛

Joining friends when the weather is bad? Well, first because you gave your words you would come. You are showing that you are reliable in all circumstances. Second, you will feel great for moving your butt outside from your usual environment (your place). Also, you will enjoy a nice time with people you love and care about. It will refresh your mind and help you thinking about something different than your daily routine/problems, having a good banter.

Going for a run while it’s cold outside? Because you set some goals up for yourself. To be fitter, more athletic, having a better cardio to avoid being out-of-breath next time you take those stairs at work 😛

Honestly, I could go on and on. You just need to find what are the benefits of doing against all the cons of not doing. All the excuses you will find to not do something are just because you don’t care about doing.

So start caring and just do the FU**ING WORK!

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

3 responses to “Stop procrastinating!!”

  1. We have 5–30 seconds, eh? Perhaps that’s why Mel Robbins’s 5-second rule works. Great post here, and having a reason to do the things we need to do makes our tasks much easier to stomach. Thanks for the encouragement, and for this post!


    1. Wow my very first comment and what an encouragement to keep on going mate!! You are absolutely right! I understood that from Mel Robbins mixed with other great speakers! Everything I say and write here isn’t new, I picked up many many things from people who knows before us and applied it. The point is to offer what I understood and applied to my own life and it’s working like crazy. Really happy it’s helping 😀


      1. Am honoured to be your first comment. Here’s to many more comments to come!


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