You are in control

Win your mornings

Aaaaah, a very cool subject that is so much forgotten while being, I believe, the most important thing you can do. Not one of the most important but really the most crucial one.

Why? Because the way you set up your early morning, will set up the rest of your day. And you know it, way too well J

You already know that when you wake up and just don’t want to be awake, cuddling that soft pillow, wrapping yourself up into your quilt, your day will be hard, long and gruelling. Is that really the way you want to keep starting every single day of your life?

Do you really want to wait for those rare days where you know you’ll do something interesting to get up almost happy?

You have the choice. The choice to start every single day the way you decide to.

Until I was 31, I was a heavy sleeper. I used to setup my alarm clock like 1h30 before my working day starts, hit that snooze button 10 times to get up at the very last moment I know I can still make it almost on time and then rush in everything. Rush to get my shower, rush to make and drink my coffee while I’m rushing to get myself ready. Rush to get to the underground and if the tube didn’t go fast enough for me, I was getting upset and angry. Of course, because of all that, I was pissed the rest of my day. If I was in this situation every morning, was because of me, and me only. Because I wasn’t able to create myself a routine, having a real discipline.

That was just not a life.

Early morning awakening will change you, profoundly!

And then, when I decided only me could change the way I was, to get out of my depression and my addiction, I made the necessary and mandatory changes.

I had to start working at 9am, so leaving my place around 8.15am and I knew I wanted to go for a 45min morning walk, enjoy my coffee or tea for about 15min, get myself ready for about 30min and allow myself an extra 15min in case I take longer for any other “tasks”, I just had to get up not later than 6.30am.

I decided that 6.30am was the very last minute I had to get up and you know what? I was waking up every single day at 6am. 10min before my alarm clock was ringing. Because I decided to make that change and my mind understood that it had no other choice than to follow and it gave me the strengths to be awake and ready even before the time I set up on my phone. Is that a coincidence? No, I really don’t think so.

I made the choice to change and the change happened!

With the Covid and the work-from-home setup (when I had a job but I still apply that now that I am working on my project) I won an extra 1h15 every morning by avoiding the “get-ready and commute time” and now I have added 10min meditation, a quick shower but no need to get “super-ready” for the office, I take time to enjoy a tea in the garden when there is no noise outside. I can relax and think about my day, the tasks I want to complete and what extra I could add. And by 8.30am, I am ready to start working on my project.

Yes, I know, you are thinking you still have a job to go to and just can’t sit at home working on your own project. You have a boss and manager waiting for you to be on time and work all day. I was just giving you an example from my own experience but you can easily create your own morning routine.

The way you start your day is simply the most important routine to set you for happiness, greatness and success…or…to keep on feeling sh** for the rest of your day and the rest of your life.

The good thing with that is that you will also really start enjoying those days off where you can just enjoy some extra sleeping time and not feeling awful about it. I used to feel really bad for staying in bed longer during the week-end, like it was just the same than during week days, that I was missing something outside and not really enjoying my time off.

But now, well now I still wake up early during my week-ends but from time to time, I enjoy staying in bed after making myself a tea and streaming something until 8-9am and I still have lots of time to enjoy the rest of the day.

I am not saying all that to make you feel bad because you are not doing the same. I am telling you that to show you that it’s not because you have never been a morning person that you cannot become and be one. The person you are is only limited by the way you see yourself.

Because now, I believe and know that I am a morning person while 95% of my life I have thought the opposite. What changed? The universe? The wind? The softness of my pillow? No! I changed because I deeply wanted to!

And so can you my friend!

Wake up earlier to give yourself some time and not rush, do something for at least 5-15min that you like doing before you start getting yourself ready. And repeat that every day. Your body will adapt, your mind will adapt and at some point you will be that person. It won’t be an effort anymore. It will be you!

Win your morning and you will win your day! Win the week! Win the month, year and ultimately, your life!

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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