You are in control

Find yourself a real hobby

Hey guys, here the ex-junky again, I hope you are all doing well and whether it is the case or not, just stay tuned, make yourself comfortable and have a pleasant read.

Today, I want to cover the subject of Hobbies. Hobbies are simply a life saver because you are doing what you really love. We all have things that we love doing and no little munchkins, I am talking about using drugs, and doing shit, I am really talking about something that lift you up.

Having a hobby will help you focus on something you love, on something different than your basic daily life and by practicing that hobby it will, ultimately, become part of your daily routine meaning you will be lifted up every single day. Imagine how good you will feel by doing what you love every day and feeling great thanks to it, every…single…day.

And the magic in it is you will create a real discipline within yourself because when you do something you profoundly love, you will push yourself to do better instinctively.

You have to understand the different between an activity you like doing and a real hobby. An activity will just make you feel good for a short period of time, it will distract you, it will entertain you. Don’t get me wrong, it is also a great thing to do activities.

First because, as I just said, it will entertain you for a moment and allow you to relax and secondly, because you trying new things and maybe, maybe, you will find something you like doing, and in that case could become a hobby. So yes, activities are amazing.

But hobbies, will teach you discipline and will boost your ego and soul because you will teach yourself to know more about it, you will educate yourself to become better at your craft. And the more you learn and know about it, the better and the more you will be doing it.

It simply is a virtuous cycle.

You will do and realise you need to learn that specific thing to complete it, so you teach yourself and just like that you made yourself grow. And let me tell you, when you are self-teaching, you will never forget that thing. You will feel more powerful, more confident because you just realised you can do it and can do more.

So imagine if you can apply that to anything else you want to do.

Yes, as simple as that.

Oh I know I am not telling you anything you didn’t already know, but sometimes to hear it from someone else, specially someone you don’t know, can have a major impact on ourselves.

A hobby can be anything, just anything.

Gardening and watching your flowers and vegetables grow.

Running, bodybuilding, photography, walking, museums, reading in the sun, learning new languages, travelling, create things with your hands like a little woodcraft, metal, glass, etc. It can be cooking, card collections, sneakers…anything. Take one thing that you love doing, talking about, watching other people doing and let yourself drawn into it.

You think your hobby is weird or something? You think people could make fun of you because of it? First, fu** it and fu** them, do what you love to do. And second, be the weirdo you are meant to be. I am a fu**ing weirdo and I used to hate it because I wanted to fit in and at some point I started to embrace it. And guess what? I looooooove it!! The world needs weirdos, more and more because we are the seeds that bring light to this world. Imagine if we were all the same? Just thinking about it just makes me sick.

Look how weird I am. I am literally putting the most shameful part of my life out there, on Internet, the place where almost nothing can disappear, because I believe, I BELIEVE that my story can empower some of you. Either because you are currently using drugs, or trying to cure yourself or maybe because you have something totally different holding you back in life and my words can help you finding the truth about yourself and make you switch that button.

Ahahahah and funny enough, while writing about this, hobby, I am starting to see that I fu**ing love writing. Oh I may be bad at it but every single words comes from the bottom of my heart and when there is great intention, it can only be great. At least for myself 😛 And by practicing, I can only become better at it.

If there are young people reading this, know one thing: the more you will grow up, the more people will love you for being different. Yes, that’s right. Because you would have chosen your own path. Followed your passion that became your work / business, would have developed it soooooo much that you made a living out of it and became known for that. You will start to inspire people around you and they will love you for that. Finally, and most of all, because by doing so, you would just be a real happy person.

Stop trying to fit – Be authentic – Be your true self

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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