You are in control

Be the light, be the light for yourself to bring it to others

We are living in a society where being open, honest and positive is seen as being naïve, too sensitive and weak. But think about something. It is easy not to open up yourself to others. It is easy to lie about things that matter to you. It is so easy to fake things. It is so hard to be your real self with others.

So why do we consider that being honest, open and authentic is being an idiot? Because this is where the hard work is.

I have played a role almost my entire life. Creating my alter ego to help face the real world for others to see and think that I am that super strong guy, that guy who has all the answers and has everything figured out. And after almost 2 decades of playing him and not myself, once the very hard time came up and I had to ask myself the real questions…I didn’t even know who I was.

And let me tell you. Now that I am working on discovering who I really am, Oh fuck! It is even harder than creating that alter ego. So please, stop playing a role. The world needs authenticity. Because when you are being yourself and being authentic, you will love yourself. Fully! And you will start loving others.

And guess what? This is how you bring light into the world. This is how you bring light to your own world and bring light to others’ world.

Do you want to be appreciated or even loved by many people for the role you are playing or only a few for the real person that you are inside? With all honesty, if you answer the first one, I believe that you are all fake, you just want fame and attention. Nothing bad with that, you will just live a life surrounded by fake people, fake things that will make you feel empty at some point and when you realise that, I wish you to have all the strengths you can find within yourself to not fall into darkness. You only attract what you are really looking for…

About myself, now, I only want to surround myself with the ones who chose the second option. Imagine, if a small group of people, who became friends, that are only bringing light to themselves and to each other. Imagine what they can accomplish together? Imagine how they could feel on an everyday basis? Imagine having a bond like that with not only one person…we almost all have someone we like that around us, that very besty that knows ourselves almost better than we do…here I am talking about a group of friends. Five, ten, twenty close friends all bringing light to each other.

And imagine we can expand that to hundreds or even thousands of people…what a great network of light that would be. Yeah okay I know, that is close to utopia but dreaming is always good for the mind 😛

Let’s get back to the subject.

To me, to start bringing light to that world, and the easiest way to start to stop judging others and understand that we all have a different background, history and story. When someone is doing something that sounds weird to you, that sounds different, remind yourself that…well, they are different from you.

Sun Tzu who was a Chinese General, military strategist, writer, and philosopher, was famous for being the author of The Art of War and said, that when you start understanding your enemy, you start to love him. Simply because you start to understand why he does what he does. You start having compassion and that transforms itself into love.

A bit of personal thinking here. We are being fu**ed over and over by our governments. They forgot they are working for us, for the people, and not the other way around. They take more and more taxes while not being taxed, they ask more and more efforts from us while not making those efforts themselves, they keep on telling us how to live our lives while they do things completely different…and what is happening? We start fu**ing each other up. We have the wrong enemy in mind.

With all the sh** we watch on TV, those documentaries and TV shows about psychopaths, sociopaths, how a neighbour who was loved by all the community started killing people, etc. they put into our minds to be cautious, scared and afraid of everyone. But, most of us, just want to be happy and having a great community around us. When do you see on TV a show showing the great people are doing for each other? Oh please, don’t start talking about those fake show where they build a new house for a family. Most of the time, few years later, the same channel or one owned by the same group release another show showing that it was all fake. It’s all a marketing strategy.

Start being the real light in this world. Lead by example. Show the light to others and don’t expect anything in return. Just be content for doing it yourself and don’t let anyone discourage you for putting the effort for doing so.

The world needs your existence. The world needs your courage. The world needs your light. Show the way to others who struggle to see how much they matter.

Start helping one person that you care about. I am not saying to put yourself at risk by doing so, but start helping a friend or a family member who is willing to accept your help.

You can’t fight against the wind so start helping someone who is willing to accept help, the one who is looking for help. Then, maybe, you will be able to start helping more people.

One last thing I would like to add. I also can’t seem to find from who it was but maybe Lao Tse. An old Chinese man living about 4 thousands years ago said, “You are the master of the words you never said”. I have been raised with that sentence. So instead of saying stuff just for others to hear them and feel like you were spreading your “wisdom” and showing that you know stuff, keep those stuff for yourself when it will never bring something interesting to the conversation.

Because every words you say, expose yourself and most of the time we just say bullsh**s. So keep those words for your own use only. I also understand that quote by stop judging people and sharing your judgement with others. Once your words are out there, you can’t take them back. What has been heard, has been heard.

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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