You are in control

Build your own life library

Okay, I have to admit the title sounds a bit weird but let me explain and it will make sense.

It is crucial to build your own environment and the things you are looking at online is now a major part of it.

When I was really down, I used to entertain and distract myself with stupid things online, funny videos and sometimes some real weird shit, and that really didn’t bring anything to me. Then I started to watched more spiritual persons, like Sadhguru, Terence MacKenna, Allan watts, etc. Lots of videos from them, and I realised it started slowly to make me think about better things, started to elevate my mind to deep thinking and making me do some inner work by simply asking myself the right questions.

Don’t take anything for pure wisdom or knowledge from them, just listen and take what’s good for you. Listen carefully because they offer us some very deep thinking and someone who have developed those thoughts really spent time thinking about them and they can simply bring you a lot of thing you have spent decades to barely comprehend.

I also started to dab into bodybuilding as this is a great way for me to release all the negativity and tension I take in. So I started to follow to inspirational personal trainer, bodybuilders and other sport people. I don’t agree with everything they say and that’s great because it wouldn’t let any room for improvement, talking about myself J, but mixing all I hear and see is helping me to build myself new knowledge. So I become more confident about what I do and practice at the gym. I try, I test, I see the results and keep what’s working and abandon what doesn’t.

Also, something that was really working very well for me, when I didn’t feel like working out for instance, was to watch those videos of bodybuilders recording themselves training. Yeah can sounds weird for lots of people, but watching them pushing so hard and going after their dreams, even if I didn’t and still don’t want to be like that, it really motivated me to go to the gym. Every time I told myself today I am going to the gym, which was basically about 5 times a week, I used to and still put those videos for like 20mins before the time to go and it would motivate me sooooo much that I just couldn’t give up. And here I was, on my way to the gym or to my garage all ready to lift and push some weights. I know it can sound ridiculous to some, but believe me when I say it was like the magic potion from Asterix. It would just pump me up and once I was in the gym, I had all the motivation to workout.

And now, I almost don’t need it anymore. Because my discipline just takes over.

That’s why I am talking about building yourself a library. Use every material that can lift you up, that will motivate you when you don’t feel like it. Because one thing is sure, if you don’t do anything, your chance of success is 0. So if anything can help you to be motivated, just use it. And no, not talking about drugs 😉

Every morning, when I go for a run, which is still struggle to do, I put myself those motivational speeches I find on Youtube, and again, it just pushes me to do what I want to do.

And you know what? I repeat the same process for almost everything that I struggle with. Yoga, meditation, business, etc. Try for yourself, what’s working for me maybe won’t work for you but I think you understood the point here.

I can give you some examples that are working for me:

Meditation: Allan Watts

Open my mind of the world, life and spirituality: Sadhguru, Terence McKenna and again Allan Watts.

Sport: Gym Motivation that provides good videos on different exercise types, Gravity Transformation where the guy chooses one subject and check all scientific studies to give the best way to exercise based on your objective, Motiversity and MulliganBrothers with great speeches to motivate to move your butt. Or you also have James Smith who is brutally honest

Business: Gary Vaynerchuk – the guy is literally documenting his life, everything he does and say for us to take what we need from it. He has a crazy energy and as mad as it sounds, always have great answers from all kind of questions. Because he always makes his best to think out of the box, to see things from a different angle, from a different perspective and that will surely help you doing the same.

Cooking: I love cooking and can spend hours in the kitchen and some little videos like the ones made by Tasty that I really like. It’s short, well recorded and always provides with great ideas and tips. I usually adapt things to my style but it is a starting point as I said before.

Complains/when I feel a bit down: listen to Pain Coach on Youtube and believe me you will stop complaining about your life.

I could simply go on and on about all kind of topics. Just find what you like doing in life, your passion and if you don’t have one, just try new things with friends or alone.

It is by trying that you will find your answers.

This is brought to you by kindness, altruism, love and caring.

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