A website and a blog to give you all the good tips, advices, practices and lessons I have learnt to get out of depression, win over my addictions and manage my bipolarity without treatment.

Something I can’t stress out enough. I am not trying to tell you how to live your life and what choices you should be making.

I just want to share some thoughts, some big decisions I have taken for myself that changed everything (in the good and also bad side), share my failures and successes, my doubts, my flaws and all the beauty I can see in life.

If my words can help you or anyone else feeling better about themselves, about their lives, feeling stronger to start taking the first step towards a more beautiful life, that would be a victory.

I have done so many wrong choices in my life. I was always waiting for someone to come save me, but I realised about 2 years ago, that I am my own savior, and that’s when everything changed, for the better.

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I speak, or in that case write from experience, from suffering. I have no medical background, no spiritual training, no holistic work experience. I am just a human being with life experience, with pain and how I made it back from hell after years of depression and almost two decades of addictions.

Holistic: “relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just to its parts” – Cambridge Dictionary.

I am covering many subjects here that have helped me fight against my biggest enemy…my own mind which was always reminding how not worthy I was for the life I was dreaming of for myself.

The mind can be a real prison. I have met so much people around the world who were or still are in that very same prison I once was. I am not saying that I am totally free, because hey, life is an eternal learning, and I am indeed learning, every day, but I believe that I have found the proper tools so I can grow and become the best version of myself, every single day.

I want to provide a complete range of ressources and tools to you gals and guys, that I have been using and still use to this day, to get and keep your life into control.

I am publishing articles/posts and Twitting so bring daily inspirations so if you like what you are reading, stay tuned and make yourself comfortable.

Everything starts with a first step…

…take yours right now


We all see ourselves many times in the mirrors, glass elements and other supports that reflect the way we look. It is important to like what we see. Not for others but ourselves. When I was deep into depression and devoured by my addictions, one of the first steps I took was to work on my body because I just couldn’t watch my reflection anymore.


A healthy mind in a healthy body! We have heard that so many times while we just never really try. We have to understand who we really are within and stop running after things that do not really make us happy just to fit in. Doing things you really like and love will definitely help you building a strong mind by getting confidence, building knowledge and skills and spending time enjoying this moments.


The third part of the holy trinity. Most of us see the Soul as a concept or an eccentric idea only used by extravagant believers to push you to do good things. I don’t see it that way. Your soul is your life energy and you have to nurture it to become the best version of yourself. Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed and so is your Soul. Bring light to yourself and you will bring light to this world and your surroundings.

Thank you so much for helping me going through some personal stuff! Everything you are talking about is not new but it is always great to hear it from someone else specially someone who went through some heavy stuff. Thank you again!


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You are in control


You are in control

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